5 Ingredients You Need For Your Skin This Winter

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5 Ingredients You Need For Your Skin This Winter


      We all know that when it gets cold out, the environment tends to dry out your skin. And using the lotions you normally use don't always do the trick.  You need something that's going to give you more moisture than your normal products, but not leave a thick film on your skin.  


So I'm going to tell you about 5 ingredients that can help give you that balanced moisture that you need during these cold winter days! 


1. Coconut Oil

     Coconut oil is a highly moisturizing ingredient recommended by many. And it's no surprise why! It helps your skin glow without leaving it oily or greasy due to it's lightweight nature. It hydrates and absorbs into the skin amazingly! When trying to incorporate this ingredient you want to make sure that you're using a product with coconut oil as the main ingredient so that you can get the best benefits from it. 


2. Olive Oil

    Olive oil contains the fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E, and K. Allowing it to penetrate the skin giving it the moisture it needs. Olive oil has also been shown to have antibacterial effects, which is why many use this oil not just as a moisturizer, but in their go-to exfoliators and even in their makeup remover solutions. 


3. Grapeseed Oil

    Grapeseed Oil is anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial which is why it can be used to fight against breakouts and lessen the appearance of acne scarring. Grapeseed oil also has Vitamin E oil in it, so your getting a 2 in 1 just for using this oil in your skin care regimen. 


Which leads me to my next ingredient! 


4. Vitamin E Oil! 

    Vitamin E oil has such a long list of benefits, from healing wounds, to sunburn prevention, studies have even shown to reduce the symptoms of more complex skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis. So if you take nothing from this list of ingredients, I would suggest you to at least try to incorporate vitamin e oil and see why many swear by it! 


5. Rose Petals!

    YES, this flower has been trending in the beauty, makeup and self care community for quite some time now, and here's why? Roses, rose water and rose oils are packed with vitamin A and C, which can help to prevent wrinkles and fine lines. Apart from smoothing the appearance of wrinkles, these vitamins help to reduce the look of age spots on the skin and aid with collagen production. Helping the overall appearance of the skin glow and look a lot smoother. 


In Conclusion

Now you know 5 ingredients that can benefit your skin during this winter season!

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